Is Organizing an Indispensible Function of Business?

Organizing is a basic management function. It is the backbone of management. It is the foundation upon which the whole structure of management is built. Without efficient organization, no management can perform its functions smoothly. A sound organization contributes greatly to the success of the enterprise. Organizing means; bringing together the necessary men, machines, materials as well as the money for the achievement of common objectives. It is concerned with the grouping of activities, allocation of work and assignment of duties and responsibilities among various individuals in the concern. In a static sense, an organization is a structure manned by individuals who work together towards a common goal. In a dynamic sense, organization is to achieve the objectives of an enterprise.

Organization is one of the basic functions of management. A business cannot be run successfully without organization. In order to attain the common objectives of an organization, the total work is divided into activities and functions. Once work is divided, it becomes a necessity to co-ordinate the various divisions, functions or activities. It brings unity and harmony to people from organizations to accomplish common objectives. The objectives of organization should be clearly stated. If not, the organization structure becomes meaningless.

The various positions of an organization are arranged in a hierarchical order. The authority and responsibility of each position are clearly defined. Organizing is the function which properly maintains this division. In fact, no organization can survive without an efficient system of communication. It is the nervous system of organization which co-ordinates the various activities. Organization connotes a structure of relationships which may be formal and informal. It is necessary to study both formal and informal relationship to understand the nature of any organization. Thus, the purposes of organizing include focusing attention on the objectives and helping people to work effectively for attaining the objectives.

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