Major Strategies Used in Personal Selling

With an advancement of technology, personal selling produced a variety of changes in techniques, tools etc. of the business. The trend of selling whatever products with the marketer to the customer has changed. Since customer is considered as the king, the necessity and desire of the customer is given prior importance. Even the production of the products and services is done in accordance with the needs and wants of customers. The satisfaction of the customer is important than anything else. Principles of selling are a business telecourse designed to provide aspiring sale people. Selling objectives are always linked with marketing objectives.

In order to have effective personal selling, there is need to specify the role of selling and its objectives. Selling strategies basically starts from consumer decision process and ends with evaluation of different alternatives. So, personal selling is a method that secures feedback from the customer. It helps in corrective action and avoids mistakes. The ability of the salesperson to persuade the customer to buy the product is the most important factor. The time spent with the customer can be reduced if proper training and information is given to the salesperson. The information regarding the company, growth status of the industry, strength and weaknesses of company, marketing goals of company should be properly communicated to the salesperson so that appreciable impression can be created among the customers.

In order to get better results there is need to have motivation in the salesperson, so that they can perform to their utmost capacity. Both the financial and non financial measures can be used by the management for motivation. Selling is a practical implementation of marketing. It often forms a separate specialist operatives known as sales persons. In fact the strategies applied in the personal selling activities are emphasized on all the stages of process of buying.

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