Love Makes a Happy Family

Love Makes a Happy Family

There is no perfect method for making all the family members happy. Relationship based on love, care and understanding is an inevitable factor. We can see that one of the strong bondage in the world is family relationship. Love need not be expressed in any abnormal way; it has to come naturally from our mind. Love and harmony makes the family peaceful. Pure love does not expect reward; the reward we get from the love among the family members is peace.

Becoming a loving person is more important than to be loved. “Love” may come and go, but a loving person, it will stay like the warmth of the sun. This warmth of loving atmosphere makes the family joyful with everlasting relationships. We should nurture the seedling signs of love into the permanent and mature expressions of a loving person. We must make sure that our child is in daily contact with a loving adult- our self.

Making a happy family is not a magic, with an extra effort to nurture love, to improve communication and to make each members feel safe and secure we make magical changes in our families. Parents should be available for kids in their needs and the couples also each other. Activities that can involve the entire family also play a vital role in making good bonded relation. Family prayer, eating, and outing are good examples of this.

As mentioned earlier we learn basics of love, warmth, affection and sharing from our family experiences. These will reflect in our future interactions with the society. So parents should be cautious about their behaviour inside the family. We must avoid negative situations inside the family; otherwise they may feel family as a place to be escaped. So always keep in mind the basics of a happy family.

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