Uses of Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses are especially made for people who can’t read tiny words. When people can’t focus on close object, this condition is called presbyopia. Presbyopia occurs with the aging of people, usually after the age of 40. Prescription bifocals are the best solution for presbyopia which provides clear vision.

Different people have different eye problem, so the glasses are suggested according to people’s case. Prescription glasses are mostly made of metal due to which they are expensive. It actually takes a lot of time to find the perfect glasses of your choice at low cost. However there is no kind of medicine used in prescription spectacles. These glasses contain lens which corrects the fault of your real eye lens. Mainly plastic or glass material is used to make prescription lenses.

Prescription lenses can be put in sunglasses as well, and can be made according to your choice. Prescription sunglasses works perfectly as it helps you in both the ways to see clearly and at the same time protect your eyes from the sun. There are many brands like Ray-ban, Dior, Fast track, Burberry, Oakley and many more which offer these prescription eyeglasses. Prescription can also be added in contact lenses. But it is very important to know that you can’t wear prescription sunglasses and contact lens together. Wearing both at the same time can harm your eyes and damage it.

One should be really careful while buying prescription glasses. Before purchasing you should know properly which kind of glasses will be perfect for your eyes. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when buying prescription specs:-

Don’t forget to take the prescription

It is important to take your recent eye prescription with you before you go for buying your prescription glass. This will help the optometrist to guide you according to your eye problem as well as it will help you further if there is any problem. Also make sure each and every thing has been tested, this will make it easier for the optometrist to make your frame perfectly. Prescription last long for 2years for adults and 1 year for youngsters. After the given period, you can go to any eye optical shop to get your new prescription.

Buy from the shop where there is exchange or return rule

You should order your prescription glasses from the shop where they allow you to exchange it if you are not comfortable with it. Many times people order their glasses which are not made according to their choice or it may not fit them properly. So you should always go to the shop where they allow you to exchange or return it if there is any problem.

Decide your right frame

Selecting frame is actually the best part of all. You should choose your frame according to your face shape, eye color and skin tone. Your frame also highlights your personality, so you always have to think accurately before selecting your frame. You can choose your favorite color according to your skin tone. Keeping all these points in mind will help to get the best prescription glasses for you.