Popular Dealers of Italian Furniture

Day Dream furniture

The team has wide range collection of Nardi furniture which is versatile and Italian made. The Italian furniture by the team is very famous for the high quality and long lasting features. The furniture produced and supplied by the team is highly resistant to water and sunlight. The main attraction of the furniture is also the durability and that is exactly the reason why they are used for the outdoor purposes. Commonly the furniture of the team is used in the beachside and parks so that no considerable damages are caused to it. In fact the wide variety of the furniture with lot of colors and patterns attracts the customers a lot more to the team. The perfect product to match the purpose of the customer can be easily got from the stores of the team situated in different locations.


One of the main attractions of the team is the discounts and deductions given to the customers. For instance the code ‘NARDI10’ used by the customers offers them a ten percent discount for the purchase from the total bill. The different Italian furniture and lounges by the team which are the bestsellers include dining chair- net which is of one hundred thirty nine dollars, relaxer chair- net which is of one hundred seventy nine dollars, extension table- riot, which is of one thousand ninety nine dollars, Atlántico sun lounge which is of four hundred twenty nine dollars, boar chairs which is of ninety nine dollars etc..

The step table of the team which is of one hundred thirty five dollars is one of the popular products of the team. It is highly important to be noted that all the products are nardi and is of high quality. The discounts offered by the team are applicable to the purchase which is above seven hundred dollars only. If any of the interested persons want to get more information about any of the products of the team he or she can send a message to the team using the form given in the official website.

The two stores of the team is located in Arana and Noosa which have the contact numbers +61 7 5493 4277 and +61 7 5449 9336 respectively. In fact the team is highly versatile by managing both the residential and commercial markets. The two important aspects of the team are quality and best price which is preferable for all kinds of customers. In fact the furniture of the team is highly competitive around. The location of the manufacturing centers is in coastal areas which make the furniture viable to withstand all harsh climatic conditions. The assured quality and reliability of the customer service in case of all kinds’ complaints are also important features of the team.

The main attraction of the team which makes them very different from the other dealers of Italian furniture is the high quality and long lasting features. The products of the team are generally used for the outdoor purposes.