Different Shopping Styles of Men and Women in Market

How consumers behave during shopping time is unpredictable. However, proper study and research can help the marketers to foresee the behavior on the basis of the societal and market conditions. The factors which affect the consumer behavior irrespective of the regional and market barrier are quality, fashion, interest of the shopper and brand consciousness. Online shopping is a revolutionary movement in shopping which is very different from the conventional shopping methods. Why most of the general shoppers prefer online shopping more than conventional shopping is because of the convenience, availability of information and the factors affecting costs. In fact no demographic factors affect the efficiency of online shopping.

Similar as the physical and mental differences in men and women, there are differences in the shopping styles of men and women in market. The way they shop and the reasons for they shop are also different. The marketers should analyze these differences and arrange the retail stores according to that. This will help to increase the sales volume and profitability within a short span of time. For instance, women commonly purchase household products which are helpful for a retail shop near a women’s working area. On the other hand, a shop near the boy’s hostel should have the boys items for which the boys frequently go shopping.

Unlike women, men do not spare more time in shopping centers in case they do not find the right product or they are ignorant about the place in the shop where it is kept. Thus, the salesperson should be properly trained about these differences and to assist men when they are in shop. However, the lack of time and related restraints caused is a major objection to the shopping practices. So, proper assistance in a shop makes the shopping easier. Especially, women always prefer stores in which they feel comfortable.

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